estate planning

Estate planning includes wills, revocable living trusts, powers of attorney, living will, and irrevocable trusts.  Planning what happens to your assets upon your death will save grieving family and friends additional stress.

Whether you’re getting a divorce or planning to get married, consulting with an attorney is a great choice to determine your rights and what you need to protect yourself from the future.

Let’s face it, relationships in business and in personal lives are difficult.  Here at the Law Office of Jennifer Wiedle, PLLC we understand the dynamics of business and personal relationships.  We encourage all of our clients to plan today to protect tomorrow.  A little planning in the beginning will help prevent disaster at the end.  This motto applies to all of our practices areas: estate planning (wills and trusts), small business formation, small business contracts, and family law.

small firm, big results

family law

small business

Our approach to small business is very proactive.  From business formation, to growth advice, to dealing with employees and vendors, to contracts to ensure your business is protected and all the pieces fit together.